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About Permanent Makeup Academy Cheshire

Having both a creative and artistic skilled background, I realised that permanent make-up was an industry that would suit me perfectly. I have since travelled the world and trained with the best in the business to ensure my permanent make-up skills are at their best, and in particular I have a specific interest in brows. I specialise in providing a unique service for each and every one of my clients, whilst also working hard to develop the industry as a whole, imparting my knowledge and expertise to the next generation of artists.

I consistently work with the leaders in my field to create detailed and defined work which has taken years to master and is an art to achieve. The results speak for themselves in my glowing client testimonials, not only from the change in their brow shape and overall appearance but from the increased confidence that comes with being happy on the inside too!

Dedication, training and a deep understanding of permanent make-up

I started at well-known permanent make-up brand Nouveau Contour, before travelling round the world to Russia, Milan and the USA to train with renowned artists and masters in the field. This enabled me to further develop and hone my skills and develop a unique, precision-led style to bring back to the UK. Here I offers this expertise to my clients, but also to artists who want to learn eyebrow work in a more in-depth manner.

Qualifications and accreditations

I have trained with the crème de la crème of the world’s elite permanent make-up artists. Early on in my career I trained with Russian master Alina Solovena one-to-one, developing my hair strokes. This was the very start of my journey to creating the uniquely defined, precision style I am renowned for.

Following initial qualification I completed my training teaching diploma in Milan with Biotek, trained by director Anna Savina, before gaining my PTLLS Level 4 Teaching.

I am also passionate about my ongoing professional development. I strongly believe that as an artist it’s essential to continue learning, to progress and further develop my style and skillset. In 2015 I trained in microblading with Branko Babic one-to-one in Serbia, before also training with Mary Richardson from the USA.


 International acclaim and industry recognition

I have consistently attracted recognition and international acclaim for my work, both as an artist and as a trainer and tutor. I was one of the first UK artists featured across four pages in a main feature about my work and training academy in the world’s first professional magazine Permanent Make-Up International in 2014, which was a huge honour.

I was also invited to attend as a guest at Russia’s largest Permanent Makeup conference by Anna Savina in 2014, and in the same year travelled to the USA to speak for the AAM The American Academy of Micropigmentation, invited by Dr Linda Dixon. This year I was a guest speaker for EIPMU at the Dublin and Beauty Show demonstrating microblading.


Expanding Permanent Makeup Academy Cheshire

I specialise in designing beautiful brows, and possess a long list of loyal clients who travel far and wide for permanent make-up treatments. Following my personal success in permanent make-up, I wanted to re-invest and give back, to share the knowledge that I have gained over my many years in the industry.

Through this desire to teach my prestigious permanent make-up academy was born in Cheadle, Cheshire in 2016. Here I offer an array of permanent make-up courses from beginner to more advanced brow training using state of the art digital machines, needles and microblading techniques.

Professional development and training

You never stop learning in this wonderful industry – and every client, ever procedure is different. I am passionate about development for further education in permanent makeup training and the progression of the industry and art form in itself. I am also the founder member of Unique Masterclasses, which invites the very best master artists from Russia to the UK. Qualified students from all over the world travel to my Masterclass events where they are taught exceptional techniques from the best in the business. I also provide exclusive courses in Cheshire for those who are new to the industry, and artists looking to perfect their existing skills.

To find out more about individual treatments or Permanent Makeup Academy Cheshire’s training courses or to book an appointment, please contact us.