Why is Microblading so popular?

Why is Microblading so popular – and is it better than traditional SPMU?

Over the last few years the SPMU industry as a whole has experienced some huge changes – in an incredibly positive way. Microblading treatments in particular have gained massive popularity, with high-profile celebrities and reality TV stars including Katie Price sharing their experiences and promoting the treatment on social media. The digital age has truly given the industry a boost – with multiple platforms introducing SPMU including prolific beauty bloggers and Instagram influencers. Search ‘microblading’ online and you’ll now find a host of YouTube Tutorials, Facebook Live streams and Snapchats sharing techniques and results.

The buzz generated has naturally resulted in a marked increase in popularity and curiosity. Just a few years ago many people didn’t know what microblading was – but at the moment it’s rapidly becoming a ‘must-have’ treatment for clients of all ages with many different objectives and motivations.

A new technique with novel results

In honesty, it took me a while to like microblading – even as a professional! But now I’m completely hooked. I really enjoy doing the treatment – and although it does cause slightly more discomfort to the client the results are just wonderful. Soft, natural, realistic – there’s a reason that the popularity of microblading treatments is growing month by month.

Is microblading better? Educating clients

When I ask clients at my clinic in Cheadle ‘Why do you prefer microblading?’ they tell me the main reason is the natural, more realistic result this technique can achieve compared with traditional permanent make-up treatments. Their feedback tends to refer to the fact that they feel machine tattooed brows look a little too harsh. Whilst they’re not unnatural-looking they are heavy and dark, which isn’t everybody’s preference.

My personal and professional experience with SPMU is 100% positive. I love working with my PMU machine – I’ve been using it since 2011, and I then started microblading in 2014 after completing my training in Serbia. My view is that the ‘best’ technique depends on the client’s preferences and what they need to get out of the treatment, coupled with the confidence and ability of the artist. Although I mostly practice microblading, I still occasionally use my permanent makeup machine today where necessary. There are some amazing artists in the UK and internationally who create stunning natural work with a machine – which indicates that the focus should really be on the technician themselves rather than the technique when choosing between microblading and SPMU.

Choose artists carefully

 I think anyone interested having a treatment firstly needs to be attracted to a technician’s work and individual style – so essentially, it shouldn’t matter if she uses machine or blade. Therefore the question to ask isn’t ‘Microblading or PMU?’ – instead, consider ‘Is this artist capable of creating the look I want to achieve?’ Both techniques are essentially the same when you strip them back. Pigment is implanted into the skin using cosmetic ink. But still there is an old-school stigma attached to traditional PMU treatments, a mentality that machine work looks fake and not as natural. This simply isn’t true – and is only the case when technician ability and client expectations don’t match. This can be a result of miseducation, miscommunication, poor skill – or all three.

Technology is developing all the time and PMU manufacturers are producing finer, thinner needles that continuously refine and perfect our work. An example of this is the nano-needle, a tiny acupuncture needle that creates super-fine hair strokes that also look very natural and soft.

The bottom line

 If you’re considering a microblading treatment for your brows, remember to do your research and take time to properly consider each artist’s portfolio of work. Word of mouth is always the best form of advertising – so ask for personal recommendations, and read honest reviews on impartial platforms like Facebook, Google and FreeIndex. If you like the technician’s work it really shouldn’t matter if it’s done with a machine or a microblade – it’s about your personal preference, so choose a treatment that works for you.

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Why is Microblading so popular?
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