Perma Blend Colour Theory Workshop

We were delighted to host the UK’s very first Perma Blend Colour Theory Workshop here at our Cheadle SPMU Training Academy. Read on to learn more about Perma Blend and the exciting benefits of this exclusive course, which is still running with dates to be confirmed throughout the UK.

What is Perma Blend?

If you haven’t heard of it already, Perma Blend is a leader in the premium permanent cosmetic market. They have over fifty colours in their product catalogue, meaning they can virtually guarantee they can supply the exact tone you are looking for. This offers enhanced versatility and precision for you as an artist, and ultimately ensures better results and satisfaction for your clients.

Despite its prominence and large following in the industry, Perma Blend is in fact a fairly new pigment brand. Established in 2014 in the US, Perma Blend is quickly rising to the top of the permanent cosmetic market. Their pigments are proudly certified as vegan friendly and are never tested on animals – further benefits to pass on to more conscious clientele.

Superior vibrancy and accuracy of healed colour

Another reason we love Perma Blend – their healed colour does not lighten as much as other pigments brands. These brow pigments can sometimes appear warm when freshly implanted into the skin – especially on lighter skin tones – but this is normal and tones down when healed to reveal beautifully balanced colour.

Learning Perma Blend pigments with trainer Gemma Winstanley (Hull) and Marie Selby (Essex)

It was a great pleasure to host the very first UK Perma Blend Colour Theory workshop at our training academy in Cheadle, Manchester. The course was attended by artists from all over the UK who were all eager to learn more about these wonderful pigments and understand how to use them in the best way possible in order to maximise results and progress artistically.

Training the workshop were specialists Gemma Winstanley and Marie Selby – both trainers with many years’ experience within the industry. Together they imparted their expertise and invaluable knowledge, explaining each element in turn to reveal how Perma Blend pigments can be used to enhance and improve brow work.

Gemma presented the course through Power Point and all attendees where given a training manual to study and a goody bag with a free pigment to try.

During the workshop attendees where able to experiment with coloured paints and understand how colours are formed. This deeper understanding informs colour theory and helps artists to more accurately select and blend pigments for brow treatments – a valuable skill to develop both for new and experienced artists.