About Lara

Lara Johnson is an established and world-renowned permanent make-up and micropigmentation artist based in Manchester and Cheshire.

Lara specialises in providing the very best for her clients, has been qualified since 2011 and has a skillset acquired during time worked with the industry’s most revered artists both in the UK and overseas.

Lara also provides a number of exclusive courses, sharing her expertise with those who are new to the industry and existing professionals alike.

Having both a creative and artistic skilled background, Lara realised that permanent makeup was an industry that would suit her perfectly.

She’s since travelled the world and trained with the best in the business to ensure her permanent make-up skills are at their best, and in particular she has a specific interest in brows.

Lara specialises in providing a unique service for each and every one of her clients, whilst also working hard to develop the industry as a whole, imparting her knowledge and expertise to the next generation of artists.

I take great pride offering Permanent Makeup Training to beginners and qualified Technicians who have travelled far and wide to work on refining their brow Hair Strokes and building their confidence . Beginners receive Pre-course work and in-depth training manual plus an Artistry Work book, where I focus on Brow design and natural hair flow patterns. I teach small groups no more than 4 in a class or 1-2-1 bespoke workshops at all levels, so if there is an area of concern we can retrain your way of working. In my courses I share the 4 main Key areas which are Drawing, Stretch and Positioning and Depth these fundamental elements ensure you are creating the perfect Hair Stroke. I offer training using a Permanent Makeup Digital Machine or Microblading also called Eyebrow embroidery hand tool method you don’t have to have any previous PMU experience to enrol in my courses I teach all levels.

From day one you are taught the correct natural brow design which is what all your client will desire, gone are the days of black, blocked fake eyebrows which look so unflattering and unnatural.