Student Code of Conduct


 Code of Conduct for Students

The treatments and procedures you will be learning at LARRA SPMU Academy are complex and can have serious consequences attached if things go wrong. We also want our academy to be a positive and safe learning environment for everyone participating on our courses.

For this reason we expect all our students to take our Code of Conduct very seriously, adhering to the rules set out below. If a student fails to do so they will be first be given a verbal warning – with a written warning issued following that if the specified behaviour persists. Dismissal is a last resort, but will be actioned should any student be found to consistently behave inappropriately or dangerously.

All students are expected to comply with the terms of their course, as set out below:

  1. Students should satisfactorily perform the instructions given for carrying out the function of their course.
  1. Students should satisfactorily perform any reasonable request relating to their training by an authorised tutor.
  1. All absence from the course, except for reasons of sickness, must be authorised. You should notify us of absence as soon as you possibly can via telephone.
  1. Removal of any equipment or property from the LARRA SPMU Academy premises without permission is not permitted.
  1. All safety rules must be adhered to at all times.
  1. Safety equipment and clothing should be used at all appropriate times.
  1. Threatening, aggressive or violent behaviour or language is not permitted and may lead to dismissal – this applies both during the course and outside the classroom on social media etc.
  1. Discriminatory behaviour, language, or non-verbal language is not permitted.
  1. Harassment of individuals, whether sexual or otherwise, is not permitted.
  1. Bullying of individuals in any form is not permitted.
  1. Behaviour or actions that would in any way jeopardise the safety or wellbeing of tutors or students is not permitted.
  1. Unnecessary disclosure of confidential information concerning the work of LARRA SPMU Academy or its students is not permitted (this does not affect students’ rights under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998).
  1. The drinking of alcohol or the taking of illegal drugs on LARRA SPMU Academy premises is not permitted.
  1. Smoking or drinking on LARRA SPMU Academy premises is not permitted.
  1. Students must not behave in a way that brings or may bring LARRA SPMU Academy into disrepute.
  1. Students should treat ALL guests and clients with respect at all times.
  1. Trainees will dress in a manner suitable for the workplace, with sensible shoes and hair tied back.
  1. Shouting and verbal intimidation is unacceptable and will constitute gross misconduct. This may result in dismissal from the course.
  1. All training materials such as training manuals and workbooks are under copyright and all students understand that these documents cannot be used or copied for a third party or for any other purposes (legal action can be taken in this event).