Microblading for men

Microblading brows for men


The microblading and SPMU industry has been centred for some time on treatments for women almost exclusively – with most marketing and articles aimed towards women. But microblading is also a safe and effective way for men to boost their confidence and restore their appearance.


Why is microblading for men increasing in popularity?


Recently I’ve noticed an increase in men enquiring about microblading and SPMU when previously my client base was exclusively female. In the past, microblading for men tended to be marketed only in the context of restoring ‘stubble’ or hairline where male pattern balding was a concern – or for cosmetic tattooing. But now there’s been a shift, with more men looking to undergo the same treatments as women, especially for brows. The rise of ‘Brotox’ and male grooming salons has also made men feel safer and more confident accessing aesthetic treatments – which is a hugely positive step.


Why is microblading good for men?


Men can be impacted by many issues that can cause them to feel self-conscious or damage their confidence – including ageing, illness and alopecia. Many men I see in my clinic have suffered hair loss through chemo. For men microblading is less about ‘looking good’ or the convenience of not applying make-up and more about looking and feeling the way they used to.


Is microblading for men different compared with microblading for women?


From a client perspective, no. The process is exactly the same – starting with a thorough and in-depth consultation where we discuss your objectives and requirements. Again, for male microblading treatments the aim is often to achieve a very natural-looking result, so at the consultation stage we discuss shape and technique to ensure we achieve the desired result post-treatment. Male microblading treatments must look natural and masculine as the brows could easily look too feminine if not done correctly.


From a practitioner perspective it’s important to have high level training and experience when microblading men. Men’s skin composition is different to women, so different techniques and approaches may need to be applied to ensure optimal results.


I am hoping to book a male microblading treatment. What should I look for in a practitioner?


Ideally you need to find someone with specific experience microblading men. Without this experience your practitioner may not be able to achieve your desired result. Your practitioner should always conduct a thorough consultation prior to treatment and will inform you of the need for top-ups post treatment to complete the microblading process.


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